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Jacques de Vos captures shots of killer whales in Norway

Jacques de Vos is an underwater photographer and videographer who is based out of Norway He freedives with killer whales on a regular basis in a bid to capture them in action The fearless diver says he has never had any bad incidents with orcas despite their fearsome reputation  By Sadie Whitelocks for MailOnline Published: […]


Video shows luggage conveyor belt journey in Manchester

Video from Manchester Airport shows what happens to bags after check-in The clip is a behind-the-scenes look at a journey through the airport’s terminal 2  Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport has a conveyor belt system eight miles long By Catherine Chapman For Mailonline Published: 05:21 EDT, 17 July 2017 | Updated: 07:24 EDT, 17 July […]


Caretaker takes his first holiday at the age of 53

George Shomo, 53, from Fort Green New York never had a passport until June He won a trip in a raffle at his workplace to Sable Island off the coast of Canada The caretaker said he was swept away by the wild beauty of the remote spot  By Sadie Whitelocks for MailOnline Published: 06:28 EDT, […]


Winners of SINWP wildlife photography contest revealed

The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers ran a Creatures Great and Small competition British snapper Michelle Howell took home the top prize with her image of an Argentinian ornate horned frog The former policewoman from Flockton, Yorkshire, fought off more than 530 entrants to win By Sadie Whitelocks for MailOnline Published: 08:25 EDT, […]


South African surfer describes great white encounter

Zoe Steyn from East London, South Africa, encountered a 10ft shark this month Luckily she was sat on her board and escaped the incident unscathed Her father said although she was shaken up, she got back in the sea the next day By Sadie Whitelocks for MailOnline Published: 10:41 EDT, 17 July 2017 | Updated: […]


The Crafty Traveller's roaming fee tricks

The Mail on Sunday’s Crafty Traveller shares his holiday expertise  Roaming charges for using a mobile phone in most of Europe are now outlawed But that doesn’t mean pitfalls don’t exist, as Frank Mawer explains here   By Fred Mawer For The Mail On Sunday Published: 17:01 EDT, 15 July 2017 | Updated: 17:01 EDT, 15 […]


God Save The Points' Gilbert Ott makes plane ticket offer

Gilbert Ott, 30, takes around 100 flights a year, either in first or business class Upcoming destinations include the US, Europe, Cape Town, Doha and Singapore He is launching the ‘catch me if you can’ stunt to promote his new travel website  By Annabel Fenwick Elliott for MailOnline Published: 09:45 EDT, 16 July 2017 | […]


How to have an exotic wedding abroad and cut costs

Price of average wedding in Britain now £25,000 Many couples head abroad to get hitched for a third of the price Our ultimate guide will shave pounds off your dream overseas wedding  By Esther Shaw, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 16:54 EDT, 15 July 2017 | Updated: 06:04 EDT, 16 July 2017 With the price […]


Jenny Eclair enjoys a Flavours painting holiday in Sicily

Comedian Jenny Eclair embarked on a relaxing painting holiday in Sicily She went with Flavours Holidays, staying with 12 others at the Villa Aragonese  Jenny loved the relaxed pace and was pleased with the paintings she took home  By Jenny Eclair For Mail On Sunday Published: 17:00 EDT, 15 July 2017 | Updated: 06:08 EDT, 16 […]


Things you didn’t know everyday objects could do

The hole on the end of tape measures can be hooked onto nails to avoid slippage  To check which side of the car your petrol hatch is on, look at the dial’s triangle  The small pocket on jeans was originally a place to keep your pocket watch  By Annabel Fenwick Elliott for MailOnline Published: 07:57 […]

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