Yankees expect Bird to begin rehab assignment after resting ankle

Brian Cashman talked to SiriusXM Wednesday about the Yankees’ plan for Greg Bird, who was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a bruised right ankle on Tuesday.

“I think optimally what we’ll do is give him the time, whatever that time happens to be,” Cashman said. “He re-blasted this thing in Pittsburgh — a little bit of a different spot — but he fouled a ball of his leg in Pittsburgh, too.

“I think what you’ll see is rest and then a rehab assignment while on the DL and then probably just reinstate and plug and play. Because he’s a pro hitter, he really is an exciting talent, and when right we know what he can do and we’ve seen that time and time again. So ultimately I think this is more of a timeout to let this (ankle/leg) heal, and then he can get back to what he can do mechanically consistently and then go ahead and knock some rust out and return.”

Bird has tried to play through the injury, which he initially suffered in Clearwater, Fla. during the team’s final Grapefruit League game. But the 24-year-old first baseman is just 6-for-60 at the plate, and Cashman said in Monday’s game Bird had three different leg kicks — a clear sign he wasn’t right.

“In hindsight, it was certainly affecting him probably more than we realized,” Cashman said.

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Comey: Clinton aide Abedin sent many classified emails to Weiner

WASHINGTON — Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin regularly forwarded classified government emails to her husband Anthony Weiner, FBI Director James Comey said on Wednesday.

Weiner’s possession of the emails on his computer triggered Comey to announce just 11 days before the election that the FBI was reopening its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server, a move that sent her campaign into a tailspin and may have cost her the election.

“Somehow, her emails were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner, including classified information,” he said during a hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee. “She forwarded hundreds of thousands of emails, some of which contained classified information.”

The repeatedly disgraced ex-congressman is facing a separate FBI investigation into his inappropriate sexual contact with a minor, which is why the FBI was looking through his emails in the first place.

James Comey admits reopening Clinton probe made him ‘nauseous’

Abedin told colleagues on the Clinton campaign at the time that she had no idea how the emails had wound up on Weiner’s computer and that’s why she didn’t turn the computer in to the State Department when she handed over other devices containing classified information, according to Politico and the Washington Post.

Comey said later that Weiner had the emails because Abedin had forwarded them to him to print them out for Clinton, who didn’t like reading emails onscreen.

Anthony Weiner had been forwarded hundreds of thousands of classified emails from his then-wife Huma Abedin, FBI Director James Comey said.

Anthony Weiner had been forwarded hundreds of thousands of classified emails from his then-wife Huma Abedin, FBI Director James Comey said.


“His then-spouse Huma Abedin appears to have a regular practice of forwarding emails to him,” he said. “My understanding was his role was to print them out as a matter of convenience.”

Comey said the FBI’s investigation into whether Abedin and Weiner had broken the law by mishandling classified information has been closed for the same reason the rest of the Clinton email investigation didn’t lead to any charges: They couldn’t find evidence of “criminal intent” intentionally mishandle classified intelligence.

Trump says Comey was ‘best thing that ever happened’ to Clinton

Republicans weren’t thrilled with that stance, arguing that someone should have gone to prison for Clinton and her deputies mishandling classified information. But Comey was steadfast in his view — held since last year — that without being able to prove they knowingly broke the law, Clinton and her top aides couldn’t be prosecuted.

“Do you agree with me that Anthony Weiner of 2016 should not have access to classified information?” asked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

“Yes that’s a fact,” Comey said, while demurring when pressed by Graham whether someone should be jailed for Weiner having access to the information. Comey said he didn’t think Weiner had approval to access classified information during his investigation, but didn’t say if Weiner did when he received the information.

Comey said the FBI did not find any criminal intent in the sharing of the emails between spouses.


“Somebody should be prosecuted for having Anthony Weiner have access to classified information,” Graham said.

Huma Abedin shopping a $ 2M tell-all book

“There’s no Anthony Weiner statute. But there’s already a statute,” Comey said to laughs.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) later called Comey’s line of reasoning “puzzling.”

But Comey said that FBI precedent showed a prosecution “required a general sense of criminal intent” and “a sense that what you’re doing is unlawful.”

Abedin’s attorney did not immediately respond to questions about Comey’s testimony.

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Danny Trejo Says Chavez Ain't Got the Heart to Beat Canelo

Danny TrejoChavez Jr. Ain’t Got the Heart … To Beat Canelo!

5/3/2017 10:31 AM PDT


Canelo Alvarez is gonna beat Julio Cesar Chavez‘s ass this weekend — so says Danny Trejo who tells TMZ Sports the whole thing comes down to HEART. 

Trejo knows what he’s talking about — he was a fighter and a boxing trainer before he became a Hollywood superstar. 

And Trejo says when Canelo and Julio square off on May 6 in Vegas (live on HBO Pay-Per-View) it’s not gonna go well for the son of the legend.


Cops search for slain MTA conductor's boyfriend as murder suspect

The boyfriend of a murdered MTA conductor was identified Wednesday as her killer after surveillance video proved that he lied to cops about the Brooklyn execution.

An NYPD manhunt was underway for Zire King, 44, who was questioned by detectives and then released Tuesday. King had driven Jacqueline Dicks home from work just prior to her Monday evening murder.

“We are now looking to charge him with the murder of Jacqueline Dicks,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

Under questioning, King conjured a bogus tale for cops about the killing, police said. He claimed that he and Dicks headed in different directions after he parked his car on Elton St. in East New York.

Brother of slain MTA conductor says she was targeted for death

Dicks started walking home as he headed to the store around 11:40 p.m., the boyfriend told police. He then heard a gunshot, and claimed that he saw both a dark-colored vehicle speeding off and three men in dark-colored clothes run past him.

King insisted he had trouble identifying the killers because the fleeing car’s headlines blinded him.

NYPD is searching for Zire King, 44. 

NYPD is searching for Zire King, 44. 


Surveillance video cops later recovered from the scene exposed King as both a liar and the likely killer.

“We went back and got video, very probative video, from the area where he was,” Boyce said. “There was no three males … running in the street with hoods up. There was none of that.”

Off-duty MTA conductor shot and killed on Brooklyn street

“It was a false narrative,” said Boyce, adding that King would be charged with murder.

Instead, detectives recovered video of King “engaging in conversation” and “going back to his car directly after,” said Boyce.

“We did a search warrant on that car and found a .40-caliber handgun in the trunk of the car,” Boyce said. “We believe that to be the murder weapon.”

Police investigate the scene where MTA conductor Jacqueline Dicks  was shot in the head Monday  in Brooklyn.

Police investigate the scene where MTA conductor Jacqueline Dicks was shot in the head Monday in Brooklyn.

(Ken Murray)

Also in the trunk was Dicks’ bag with her phone inside.

Pregnant woman, 23, shot in back on troubled Staten Island block

“We have full confidence in the NYPD,” said Transit Workers Union Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips. “We hope they soon catch the bastard and put him in a jail cell where he belongs.”

King never returned home after cops let him go, Boyce said, adding that the NYPD’s Fugitive Task Force was working on tracking him down.

The 41-year-old Dicks had joined the MTA as a conductor just 11 months ago, and she left behind six orphaned kids. Her husband died eight years ago.

Family members suspected Tuesday that Dicks’ death was premeditated.

Jacqueline Dicks.

Jacqueline Dicks.


King was “trouble,” according to one relative, who wished not to be named. The two had a child in common, officials said.

“Everything I heard (about King) was nothing good,” the niece said Wednesday. “He was abusive. He would assault her. (But) she went back to him.”

Family members grew suspicious when King disappeared rather than gathering with Dicks’ relatives Tuesday.

“(We) were wondering why he wasn’t at the house yesterday,” the niece said. “He should have been at the house.”


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Spain draws up terms of Brexit negotiations… and Madrid wants to BLOCK Gibraltar from THIS

Spain’s foreign ministry has drawn up a document called ‘Negotiations on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU’ which has been sent to congress and has been leaked to the Spanish press.

In the document, the ministry makes clear that “Gibraltar is a matter of state” and that the special regime the Rock currently enjoys “is a condition that Spain had to accept at the time [1986] to be able to join the then European Communities”, given that the United Kingdom had become a member back in 1973.

However the document goes on to state that over the last three decades, Gibraltar’s status “has lead to a situation of unjustified privilege”.

It continues to state that while Gibraltar enjoys the four basic EU freedoms – people, goods, services and capital – it has become a “tax haven” as it is not part of the customs union or subject to direct British laws.

The document states: “It has developed its own regime which is extremely permissive in relation to tax, customs and business creation, which in practice has turned it into a tax haven.”

It continues to state that while Gibraltar is not part of the United Kingdom, it is a territory “subject to decolonisation” and whose foreign policy is dictated by London. As such, any such agreement between London and Brussels would have to be subject to approval by the Iberian country.

The document also indicates the areas that it will not accept as part of any negotiations – mainly any areas that are not in Spanish interests.

It reads: “Spain cannot accept for the EU to negotiate with the United Kingdom a relationship that is not compatible with Spain’s position on territorial claims, and that doesn’t respect Spanish interests, those of the people of the Campo de Gibraltar [the Spanish region immediately adjacent to Gibraltar] and that [doesn’t] prevent a situation of unfair competition with Spanish territory.”

Another area the document examines is the position of both British subjects residing within Brussels and EU citizens living in the UK.

According to official figures there are 102,000 Spaniards residing in the UK, with around 50,000 paying National Insurance and 286,000 Britons living in Spain, 105,000 of which are pensioners.

The report says: “Spain believes the best solution would be to stick as close as possible to the letter or spirit of the current legislation.” 

Although the country recognises this appears to clash with London’s claim to try to limit the number of Europeans working in the UK via a quota system.

Spain wants the rights of nationals who have been resident in either country for more than five years to be respected, and is also calling for an agreement on the rights of temporary residents – those who have been residents for more than three months and “who expect permanent residency”.

Daily Express :: World Feed

eBay scraps auction of Aaron Hernandez SUV

The car that Aaron Hernandez was in when he allegedly committed a double murder is no longer up for auction.

eBay has pulled the listing for the late Patriots star’s 2006 Toyota 4Runner from its website after more than 100 bids — the highest submitted at $ 101,005 — were placed on the car.

The SUV is owned by Rhode Island car dealer Jack Fox, who leased it to Hernandez as part of a promotional agreement during the tight end’s days with New England. Buddy Clair, who is managing the sale for Fox, told the Boston Globe that eBay did not say why the listing was taken down.

The car was advertised as a “piece of Patriots football memorabilia” that is “just the way it came from the [Boston police] impound yard.” The listing stated the SUV has 53,000 miles on it and “still has the black soot on the map lights, and sunroof switch where the police dusted for finger prints!!” The highest bidder was also slated to receive a framed and autographed Hernandez jersey with the car.

Hernandez was accused of killing Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in a drive-by shooting following an encounter at a Boston nightclub in 2012. Prosecutors alleged Hernandez was in the Toyota’s passenger seat when he shot at the men’s car.

Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence without parole after being convicted in 2015 for the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd, was found not guilty in the double-murder trial on April 14. The 27-year-old killed himself in his prison cell five days after his acquittal.

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Protester on trial after laughing at Jeff Sessions hearing

Federal prosecutors are putting a protester on trial for laughing about Jeff Sessions.

Desiree Fairooz, a member of the activist group Code Pink, faces federal charges after getting booted out of Sessions’ confirmation hearing to become the U.S. Attorney General — apparently after she laughed at a remark from one of his supporters.

Fairooz is accused of “disorderly and disruptive conduct” intended to “impede, disrupt, and disturb the orderly conduct” of congressional proceedings, according to the Huffington Post. She also faces a misdemeanor charge for parading, demonstrating or picketing within a Capitol.

She faces up to six months’ imprisonment if convicted.

Fairooz, 61, got booted from the hearing in January after she laughed when Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) testified that Sessions, a fellow Alabama senator, had a clear record of “treating all Americans equally under the law.”

Sessions was one of Trump’s most controversial nominees because of his long history of racism accusations. His federal judgeship nomination in the 1980s was rejected after he was accused of talking down to black colleagues and praising the Ku Klux Klan. As a senator, he consistently voted against civil rights legislation.

U.S. Capitol Police pulled Fairooz out of the room after her laughter — and she didn’t go quietly.

“Why am I being taken out of here? This man is evil!” she yelled on her way out, as seen in video from the hearing that is now part of the trial.

“You’re evil! Do not vote for Jeff Sessions! I was gonna be quiet, now you’re gonna have me arrested? For what, for what? You said something ridiculous, his voting record is evil!”

Jeff Sessions testifying at his confirmation hearing.

Jeff Sessions testifying at his confirmation hearing.

(Andrew Harnik/AP)

Ariel Gold, a fellow member of Code Pink, testified in D.C. Superior Court Monday that Farizoo’s laughter was likely a reflex and she did not intend to interrupt the session.

Fairooz is on trial along with two other protesters — Tighe Barry and Lenny Bianchi — who dressed up as Sessions-loving KKK members, according to HuffPo.

Fairooz said in a statement through Code Pink that she felt it was her “responsibility as a citizen to dissent at the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions.”

Her trial started one day before Sessions’ Justice Department decided against charging two white Louisiana police officers who shot and killed a black man, Alton Sterling, outside of a convenience store last year. It was the department’s first decision on a high-profile police shooting case since Sessions was confirmed.

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Helen Mirren Follows Ex-NFL Star Will Smith on Instagram … Here's Why (VIDEO)

Helen Mirren Following Ex-NFL Star Will Smith?… Oops.

5/3/2017 8:01 AM PDT


Helen Mirren only follows two people on Instagram — one of whom is ex-NFL star Will Smith

The big question … why???

Smith was shot and killed during a road rage incident in New Orleans last year — and with Mirren being a social activist, we wondered if she was following Smith to make a point. 

So, we asked her about the situation as she left E. Baldi in Beverly Hills on Tuesday with her partner, Taylor Hackford. 

Unfortunately, Mirren says the whole thing is a giant mix-up … but she’s very sweet about it. 


Stephen Colbert outrages viewers with ‘homophobic’ Trump joke

Stephen Colbert sparked outrage with what some deemed a “homophobic” joke that the comedian made while defending a CBS colleague.

During his opening monologue Monday evening, Colbert remarked about Trump: “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.”

That controversial line came amid a series of insults made about the President in an effort to support CBS political host John Dickerson. Earlier this week, Trump ended an interview with Dickerson early after the veteran journalist asked the President if he still stood by his claims that Barack Obama wiretapped him during his campaign.

Stephen Colbert outraged viewers with a joke about  Trump.

Stephen Colbert outraged viewers with a joke about Trump.

(The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

Trump also referred to Dickerson’s show “Face of the Nation” as “Deface the Nation.” This prompted Colbert to come up with his own diss-filled rant against Trump to defend his CBS family.

Half oppose pre-existing conditions opt-out in GOP plan: poll

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine,” Colbert said. “You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign language gorilla that got hit in the head.”

While his intentions were meant to stand by his network’s journalist, the Putin spoke sparked a social media firestorm. Many called for Colbert’s job using the hashtag #FireColbert, which quickly climbed toward the top of Twitter’s trending topics list.

“So, Colbert is saying homophobic things again?” wrote user Michael Oxley. “Disappointing that CBS supports and empowers this. #firecolbert.”

Another echoed this sentiment.

Rabbi tweets photos of Steve Bannon’s big board of plans

“#Colbert must go after his un-American disgusting homophobic rant on #POTUS,” the user tweeted.

Others, however, came to Colbert’s defense, to contend that the joke was not offensive to the gay community.

“Another gay over here,” tweeted Ryan Juhola. “Not homophobic.”

Another referenced Trump’s infamous lewd comments about women during a 2005 interview conversation with Billy Bush that were caught on a hot mic – remarks the President later brushed off as “locker room talk.”

“Everyone calm down, Colbert just engaged in locker room talk,” the user wrote. “You were all fine with it up till now.”

Neither Colbert nor CBS has reacted to the backlash. A request for comment was no immediately returned by CBS.

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Watch the French election debate here TONIGHT: Marine Le Pen vs Macron

How to watch the debate ?

The two presidential candidates will meet for their final clash before French voters head to the polling stations this Sunday, May 7.

The main broadcast will be on French TV channels TF1 and France 2, but will also be shown on news channels such as BFM TV.

An English version of the debate will air on France 24 and you can watch an online live stream of the coverage below.

The debate will begin at 8pm BST (9pm Paris time) with the France 24 live stream kicking off at 8.10pm BST.

More than 20 million viewers are expected to tune in to watch the debate, which is predicted to last a two hours and 20 minutes.

How will the debate work?

Unlike the American format of election debates with lecterns in front of an audience, the French candidates will sit down face-to-face in a direct confrontation.

It will be up to two moderators, Nathalie Saint-Cricq and Christophe Jakubyszyn, to keep control of the debate and stop things from getting out of hand.

The moderators are expected to ask 60 questions from a range of about ten topics covering issues like employment, the economy and the European Union.

The debate will held in a TV studio in La Plaine Saint Denis just outside of Paris.

Ahead of the debate, Mr Macron told BFM TV that he will not pull his punches tonight and will go all out against his opponent.

“I am not going to employ invective,” he said. “I am not going to use cliches or insults. I’ll use hand-to-hand fighting to demonstrate that her ideas represent false solutions.”

But Ms Le Pen remained calm in the face of his threats, saying she is ready to defend her policies. 

“I shall be defending my ideas,” she said “He will be defending the posture that he has adopted.”

Ms Le Pen told Reuters: “His programme seems to be very vague, but in reality it is a simple continuation of [Socialist President] François Hollande’s government.”

She also tweeted: “If Mr Macron doesn’t feel comfortable he can always ask [President] François Hollande to come and hold his hand, I won’t stand in his way.”

Who could win the French election?

Emmanuel Macron is the current favourite to win the election with various polls predicting he will secure about 60 per cent of the vote.

As many as 20 points behind Mr Macron, the former Front National leader has seen a boost in the polls since the first round of the elections. 

According to a Cevipof poll today said 85 per cent of voters were set in their choice, which means 15 per cent  could be swayed by tonight’s debate.

Daily Express :: World Feed

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